Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation consists of using a lethal gas that travels through most all solid objects. Vikane® gas is the industry standard for the fumigation. It has been tested extensively and has been proven to be 100% affective for Drywood termites, bedbugs, wood-boring beetles and many other pests.

Tent FumigationThe fumigation process takes 2 nights and 3 days and consists of placing tarp over your home and sealing it from the atmosphere. Fans are placed inside your home while cabinets, closet doors and other normally confined areas are opened to ensure even distribution of the Vikane® gas. After many measurements of temperature, cubic footage, wind, etc the right amount of Vikane® gas is injected into your home with a hose for 100% penetration into the walls. The tarp is left on for 18-24 hours and then removed. At this point all your pests are dead. Your house needs to be aerated for another 24 hours, after that our fumigators will measure the homes air quality with extremely sensitive equipment, when your home is safe for re-entry it will be signed off and ‘cleared’ for re-entry.

In order to prepare for a fumigation you must take into account your exterior and interior belongings and living things (plants, reptiles, fish, etc.). You must bag all food products, personal hygiene products, animal, and babies bedding, toys, and more. we will go over this with you in more detail before
the fumigation.

Fumigation plus would include coming in after a tent fumigation and treating areas commonly infested by termites because Vikane® gas does not leave any residual behind. we will use borates as a preventative so the next year that they try and swarm on your home they will die off due to our PLUS treatment which is a 5 year warranty verses a two year standard war.