Real Estate & Reverse Mortgage Termite Inspections

Real Estate & Reverse Mortgage Termite InspectionsTermite inspections also known as a wood destroying organism report of WDI for Escrow has to be done by a state licensed branch III Inspector. It is highly important that your entire home be inspected, don’t let other company’s just look at an area you have found and stop there. Many times it’s assumed you find termites, you must have termites everywhere but after a thorough inspection you may find that the areas you found were the only ones!

Sage Exterminators performs complete termite inspectionsThat can save you money and a full inspection will give you a better understanding of what kind of shape your home is. Sage always does a thorough inspection of every single inch of your home. Critical areas of importance are attics, windows, baseboards, cabinets, eaves, patios, decks, garages, siding. You will see your inspector “sounding” and “probing” your wood with rods, this helps us find what we cannot see, this is because termites can eat an entire price of wood hollow and you would never see it because they will not eat the paint and leave the paint shell (this is mentioned in our article about termite damage… link?)

We also like to check for other conditions like dry rot, fungus, earth to wood contacts, water leaks and so on. After a thorough inspection you will be presented with a wood destroying organisms report that will detail every finding Sage Exterminators has found that is causing or may cause a problem. Only then can you decide what treatment is best for you and there are man.

Real Estate Termite Inspections

We also do Insect and Rodent inspections for pest control. The focus of these inspections are trees, landscaping, holes, screens missing, and entry points, nests and moisture issues. Every insect has a particular environment it favors so we will inspect accordingly while looking for other issues.