Rat and Mice Season.. Don’t use poison!

Rats! It’s been that time of year. We’re getting a lot of calls about “scratches/noises in the night!”

I know your first instinct will be to go out and get some rat poison. Rat poisons are bad for the environment. They can cause secondary poisoning to owls, foxes, birds of prey, pets. (Feral cats have become a very popular choice for rodent control as well) but the biggest thing is, they really don’t “fix” your problem. Poison is a band-aid. Rats and mice will always be a part of the environment, you’ll never get them all, but you can stop them from entering your house!

Sage Exterminators are firm believers in finding how rodents are entering your house¬†and fixing those areas so they can never return again. All that’s left after that is to trap the remaining population, and your problems are over! The use of poison¬†should be a very well thought out and detailed plan.

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