Did you know San Diego termite colonies forage year round?

San Diego termite activity is busy year-round and there are many choices out there. Sage Exterminators San Diego Termite Prevention program uses the most cutting-edge materials for termite treatment available. Termidor is one such product. Its mode of action is unique in the fact that termites do not detect an area treated with it. They move about and eat as if nothing were there. Little do they know that each one of them is bringing the product to the entire colony. In a matter of weeks, if treated properly, the entire colony is wiped out! While Termidor is a chemical, it has proven to be very safe, in fact, the active ingredient is the same as the flea products Advantage and Frontline.

If you do not want to fumigate, or you can’t because of sensitive landscaping or tile roof, you should insist that Termidor is used on active and accessible Termites. We can’t say enough good things about it.

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