The most common request we get is for termite inspections for escrow and lending purposes. With today’s lending practices, choices, and market, you might be surprised how much a termite report, often referred to as a WDO or WDI inspection report, weighs in on financing.

We noticed after the housing crisis that homes were being sold without any inspection at all! Granted there were a lot of cash buyers that were watching the bottom line, but even regular buyers financing would go without. It used to be that you needed one for any real estate transaction that was financed, but somehow that changed. Some told me they were fearful to request one, as their offer would likely be rejected.

Not so much today though. Now we are seeing VA loans requiring not only an inspection but a termite clearance (work completed) before you enter into escrow! That’s a new one for me, maybe someone can elaborate more on that. We also see more and more conventional and FHA loans that are being required to have a termite inspection and clearance.

If you are buying a home, most lenders will want a report from a licensed termite company. What you probably didn’t know is what we actually are inspecting for. Termites are obvious, but we go a lot further than that. We check for dry rot, moisture conditions, grades, ventilation, foundations, and structural damage, just to name a few. Most companies will have similar findings, it’s the recommendations that will kill your loan! Your inspector not only needs to find out what’s wrong, but also be knowledgeable enough to know what the “deal breakers” are, and how to rectify them in an economical way. That’s why it’s important to pick the right company for your inspection. Experience is what counts in this situation.

Not only is Sage Exterminators licensed in Structural Pest Control, but we are also a Licensed General Contractor, and carry Home Inspection certifications. So, when the other company is throwing out a $20,000 bid because they have no idea how long or what it’s going to take and gamble with it, or they recommend a general contractor to fix the issues because it’s beyond their scope of service or experience, Sage Exterminators is there helping you find the most reasonable and financially affordable option to get your loan through! We know what’s at stake, and we know our business! Please call us today if you think you might want a second opinion on a termite inspection you received, or if another termite company is not up to the task!

Happy house hunting!